Wifi BiQuad Antennas

I needed some simple wifi antennas so I made some using 12 gauge copper wire and SO-239 couplers


Start by hollowing out the coupler

There is a small ridge the keeps the insulator at the end of the pin


The easiest way to remove it is to chuck it in a drill and file it off


Them you can cut the edge of the outer casing into a small tab. Then reassemble the guts but without that ridge the insulator will go all the way down

I cut the edge to match that depth


Now you can solder on a BiQuad of about 1.2 inches per side and find a suitable reflector

I used a 5 1/4 floppy drive platter


Other stuff like steel switch plates works too as wel as regular chassis mount SO-239’s. i think the coupler makes adjusting the reflector position easier


Not as cool as the circularly polarized WiFi antennas I made for a long range link


They also have SO-239’s so I can use the same radios


N connectors would have been a better choice

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