Midi Sniffer

This is the Midi Sniffer. It’s a little bigger than an old fashioned pager

 a5.JPG         a4.JPG

It has  a  Midi In, Power and Clear switch. Really didn’t need anything else.

a1.jpg  Power up notice

a2.jpg  Data from moving a CC Slider

a3.jpg  Hitting the Play button

Pretty Cheap and simple with just over a dozen parts.

  1. 16X2 LCD Display
  2. Pic 16F73
  3. 4mhz Crystal
  4. 2 – 22pf Capacitors
  5. 220 ohm resisitor
  6. 3 – 1K resistors
  7. 5K Trimmer
  8. OPTO Coupler
  9. DIN Jack
  10. Power Jack
  11. Clear Switch
  12. Pactec Case

I didn’t bother to make a PCB for this since its a one off project for a specific need I had at that time. Ill draw up a schematic and I already posted the Source and Hex files on my main site. I ended up removing the LCD routines and reused the code for the Midi Controller. That one will get a real PCB since I have plenty of uses for it.

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