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Cute Little Micrometer

Friday, April 8th, 2011


I got this in Harbor Freight last week. I really hate taking my good tools out to the scrap pile to find the right gauge steel scrap for a project. At $10 its reasonable and has a half inch capacity which is more than enough for my needs. Can read in mm or inches with the touch of a button. Here it is on a 10mm tube.

Amp Meter that fits in an Auto Fuse Holder

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


I saw  this in Harbor Freight and had to get one.

You just pull a fuse out of its holder, place it in the side of the shunt and pop in the meter to get a quick reading on the current draw.

I could have used this last year when I added a bunch of new circuits to a work truck. At least I can easily test it now.

P&T Surplus

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


In case you looked at that P&T Surplus link and think thats all there is, well, no.

They have everything from key chains to a Jet Engine. They have a great robotic Arm Labeled “Igor”. I really want it but it must weigh about 2500 pounds. They had a nice servo motor driven XY table and even some Dragon Sculptures.

I’ve picked up circuit board cases, delrin scraps, rubber feet, suction cups, relays, magnehelics, vacuum gauges, electrical meters and all with single digit price tags.

Someone called it Canal Street from the 70’s but in Kingston NY

They were so right and I am grateful to them for turning me on to this place.