LAMP Servers for the big boys…

For those of you with a P4 class machine the best solution is a real OS like CentOS. It has a longer life cycle than Fedora and is so easy to add packages to. My favorite P4 is the ShuttlePC These are available in many different configurations and as 1 AGP and 1 PCI slot on the back. I also have a Revo. It does have HDMI out for video but works well with a DVI to HDMI adapter cable and an old Dell monitor. You could call it a netbook with no screen. I haven’t really found a good use for this yet other than BOXEE


One Linux package I would highly recommend is Midnight Commander. Its a clone of the old Norton Commander with some really neat new tricks.

Just type “yum install mc” at a command prompt and it will do the rest  Type “mc” to get started. If your functions keys wont work you can always user “esc” number instead. Hit “Esc” then “2” for the F2 menu or “esc” then “0” for f10 or exit. It works really well on a SSH session from a remote location and can even bring   up other machines in the view panes using SSH or FTP

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