Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) 2011

This year was a little different for TCF. The last couple of years I spoke about the EV project at school. Since that project has been mostly about getting a motor mount created  and not really computer related I decided to still speak this year but this time share the different uses for PIC micro-controllers I came up with over the last few decades….

I had so many topics I really had to cut it down to a few. I had some people really interested in using these things and I hope to hear from them. I have some videos from the actual talk and a couple of things I didn’t get to show.

I really wanted to do some Android apps but I didn’t have a chance. I did get to show 3 Iphone / Ipad apps. I have some stuff made with Titanium Developer but I was about to give up on Apple because of the store policies.

A new project idea was hatched at work last week that will make me revisit Apple again but I’m not as enthusiastic about them now that I have an Android tablet.

I think I’ll start with the one I didn’t get too. The Midi Sniffer…..

There are plenty of resources on my main site:


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